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RigData powers the Baker Hughes Rig Counts providing nationally-recognized information to the energy industry. But as you’ll soon see, our data doesn’t end there.


RigData covers drilling activity in the entire U.S. and Gulf of Mexico and keeps you focused on your job by streamlining the data gathering process. From drilling locations and permit activity reports to the extensive Well Information System to the new RigData Mobile app, you’re sure to find the information that fits your needs.


Providing information on oil & gas drilling activity for over 25 years, RigData has ongoing contact with contractors, operators and public agencies– giving you information that’s the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date. In other words, RigData helps with your everyday work by giving information you can count on to save you time and help you make the right decisions.


Now that you know what you’ve been missing, continue your business’ success with the help of RigData.



RigData Mobile


RigData Mobile
™ is an interactive map application for your iPhone that displays the location and status of all working oil & gas drilling rigs. Available by region.

Mapped locations, driving directions, drilling contractor, operator, filtering and more!

Updates are daily!

 Trial Subscriptions are available!


Drilling Rig Locations


Complete reporting on the status of working locations by operator and geographic region. Available for specific regions or for the United States. Also available in a dataset.

Includes: Well, county, proposed total depth, driller, rig number, driving directions and more!

Updated every week!

Trial subscriptions and sample reports are available!




Detailed reporting of all permits-to-drill issued by state and federal authorities. Available for specific regions or for the entire United States. Also available in a dataset.


Includes: Lease, well information, legal description, proposed depth and much more!   


 Published daily and weekly.

Trial subscriptions and sample reports are available!


Well Information System


Interactive online database where you can build, save and run queries using the most up-to-date information pulled directly from the RigData database.


Includes: Drilling locations, permit activity and rig specifications with access to 13 months of history.


Plus: Ability to share queries with other users, intelligent reminders to notify you of new activity and more! 

Updated daily!