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  • New Rig Opens Collingwood Shale Play

    From the May 2010 issue of The Land Rig Newsletter:

    The State Pioneer 1-3 well was drilled by Pollister Rig #2, a new rig that was built last year to drill Prairie Du Chien (PdC) wells to around 12,000 ft. The rig had been working in Osceola County, Florida, for BreitBurn Operating before returning to Michigan for the Petoskey well. According to rig owner Ed Pollister, the Michigan well posed no problems. Once the vertical section was drilled, the well was plugged back and kicked off without a whipstock.

    Standard rotary steerable technology was used for the lateral drill. Liner setting went smoothly, as did the multistage frac. The rig is a diesel-electrical unit with 750 hp drawworks, a 131 ft mast, and dual 1,000-hp Triplex mud pumps. It is rated to 14,000 ft, uses a standard hoist and traveling block system, and racks back three-joint stands of 4½-in. drill pipe along with 9-in. drill collars. Pollister says he is already booked through yearend with PdC wells and hopes to finalize additional drilling commitments that will secure work into mid-2011. With a limited number of larger rigs available in Michigan, more and larger rigs will need to be shipped ...

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