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Offshore Driller News

Jackup Rowan Gorilla II completed its short P&A in West Cameron Block 561, completing its contract with Devon Energy.  The rig is now on location in Vermilion Block 348 for the start of a newly awarded 14-day workover with ERT.  At present, Rowan has no follow-up work for the rig, but the company is in discussions with a number of operators.  Also, jackup Rowan EXL-I has about a week remaining on its well with McMoRan E&P in High Island Block A-531.  The rig will then move to Eugene Island Block 223, where it is scheduled to drill a 280-300 day well for McMoRan.  However, the operator has yet to secure its permit for the location, and the rig is expected to remain on location until the permit is approved.  Rowan also christened newbuild jackup Rowan EXL-II late last week and will take delivery of the rig August 30.  The rig will then be moved to Corpus Christi where it will undergo 30 days of preparatory work for its upcoming three-year contract with BP Trinidad, which starts around November 1.  It is scheduled to depart the Gulf of Mexico around October 1.


As has been rumored for some time, semi Transocean Marianas has departed the U.S. Gulf for Nigeria, where it will continue its contract with Eni Petroleum.  Details of the Nigerian program are still unclear and will be reported once available.  It is understood the rig is being moved via wet tow, with the route likely changed, as it was headed directly toward the currently developing Atlantic storms.  Further market reports indicate that StatoilHydro will move drillship Discoverer Americas from the U.S. Gulf to Egypt shortly, but that report has yet to be confirmed.


Diamond Offshore semi Ocean New Era has arrived back in the U.S. Gulf after completing its contract with Pemex in mid-August and is now in the process of being cold stacked in West Cameron Block 117.  The rig, which is rated to drill in up to 1,500 fsw, had been working under a contract extension since mid-February.  Meanwhile, jackup Ocean Spartan completed its contract last week with Nippon Oil in West Cameron Block 587 and is now hot stacked in Diamond’s stacking location in West Cameron Block 184.  ANKOR Energy’s contract with jackup Ocean Titan is now expected to run into early October, but talks are underway for a possible further extension.  Details will follow as they become available.  ANKOR initially extended the contract for 90 days in mid-June.


Noble Drilling has received a 120-day extension for jackup Noble Earl Fredrickson from Pemex, effective from August 25.  The new term, at a day rate of $63,500, now keeps the rig working until late December.


Reactivation work continues on Aban Offshore drillship Aban Abraham at the Atlantic Marine yard in Mobile, AL.  The rig recently secured a five-year contract with Petrobras for work starting in December.  It is scheduled to depart the U.S. Gulf in late October, with work scheduled to begin in early December.


Ensco, plc is now in possession of ENSCO 69, a jackup that was reclassified as discontinued operations in the second quarter of 2009. As previously reported, Ensco terminated its contract for the rig with Petrosucre (a subsidiary of the Venezuela national oil company PDVSA) for non-payment in June 2009. Petrosucre then advised that it would continue to operate the rig without Ensco’s consent. Ensco personnel recently were granted access to the rig, and it has been moved to Trinidad from Venezuela.

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