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Gulf of Mexico Rig Utilization

Total mobile rig utilization in the Gulf of Mexico is 50%, with 62 of 124 rigs under contract or committed for work. Marketed utilization, which excludes cold stacked and other non-marketed rigs, rose to 83.8%, with 62 of 74 rigs under contract.


Within the jackup fleet, one previously idle Nabors Offshore jackup was contracted, while a Hercules Offshore jackup contract was canceled and the rig is now idle. In addition, a previously marketed Hercules jackup was moved to the cold stacked rig rolls. As a result, overall fleet utilization is still 40.5%, with 34 of 84 rigs under contract or committed for work. Marketed utilization, however, rose to 77.3%, with 34 of 44 units contracted.


Floating rig utilization changed due to an Ensco drillship departing the area. Overall, 28 of 34 rigs are under contract, for utilization of 82.3%, while marketed utilization is 93.3%, with 28 of 30 rigs under contract.


Total Platform rig fleet utilization is now 40.4%, with 21 of 52 units under contract, while marketed utilization is 58.3%, with 21 of 36 rigs contracted.


Inland barge utilization is unchanged this week. Total fleet utilization is 42.4%, with 25 of 59 units under contract. Marketed utilization remains at 59.5%, with 25 of 42 units under contract.

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