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Offshore Driller News

Hercules Offshore has canceled the remainder of its contract with Great Gulfcan Energy with jackup Hercules 212, and the rig is hot stacked in West Cameron 38. The rig had been working in High Island 98-L and was originally scheduled to complete the work in mid-July, but financial issues with the operator led to the cancellation. Shipyard work on jackup Hercules 120 has not been completed, and now the rig is not expected to return to its contract with Chevron until late June. The rig, which is under contract through the end of 2011, was originally due to return to work May 25. Pisces Energy will now keep jackup Hercules 204 for an additional well in Ship Shoal 151. The operator now has the rig through end-July, after which it will go to Ship Shoal 112 for a 40-day well with Stone Energy. With the extension, the rig is now next available in the first half of September. Finally, inland barge Hercules 17 has secured a follow-up contract with Energy Partners, Ltd. for a 42-day well. Work will begin later this week after the current contract with Marlin Energy is completed. The new work keeps the rig busy to mid-July.


Rowan has confirmed a rig substitution for a 3-year (plus 1-year option) contract with Saudi Aramco. The original commitment was for jackup Ralph Coffman, but the rig now will not complete its contract with McMoRan O&G in South Timbalier 144 until December. Rowan now will take the Rowan Mississippi for the work, with the rig likely to depart the gulf in July. While the contract with Saudi Aramco includes a penalty clause of one-half of the day rate for every day the contract starts after June 15, it is understood Rowan is in discussions with Saudi Aramco to resolve the issue. The rig is currently completing its work with McMoRan O&G in South Marsh Island 234. Jackup Rowan EXL-III will complete its initial well for McMoRan O&G in Brazos A-23 shortly and is waiting on permit approval to begin the second well of the contract. Meanwhile, the rig will move to Main Pass 299 for a 21-day workover with the intent of returning to the drilling location thereafter. The rig’s contract with McMoRan runs to May 2012. Finally, jackup Rowan Alaska reportedly may be in line for a 6–9 month contract in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. While no further details of the work are currently known, it is understood the company is also having discussions with other operators and is in the process of crewing up the rig with all indications being that it will return to work soon. It has been stacked at Rowan’s facility in Sabine Pass since May 2009.


Nabors Offshore workover jackup Dolphin 109 has gone to work for Forza Operating under a two-well (plus one-well option) contract in West Cameron 2. The firm portion of the work should keep the rig busy into July. Prior to the contract award, the rig had been idle in Fourchon since May 2009. Meanwhile, workover jackup Dolphin 110 is now on the second of four option wells on its contract with Energy Partners in South Pass Block 28. The remaining options should stretch rig availability at least through June.

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