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Hercules Offshore reports that jackup Hercules 120 will now return directly to its contract with Chevron when shipyard work is completed in mid-July. It was originally understood Chevron might wait to take the rig back until the Hercules 201 completed its contract in early September. Chevron picked up the Hercules 201 in March when survey and repair work began on the Hercules 120. Chevron’s contract for the Hercules 120 runs through yearend, with two additional 6-month options available thereafter. Meanwhile, Breton Energy, LLC will now take jackup Hercules 253 for its 60-day-plus-option contract in West Cameron Block 171. The operator originally contracted jackup Hercules 214 for the work, but that rig is now delayed on its contract with Castex Energy, Inc. until the end of July, prompting Breton to take the recently idled Hercules 253. It is understood work will begin once the permit paperwork is modified to reflect the change in rigs, expected by mid-July. Jackup Hercules 205 is now under tow to Main Pass Block 60 to begin a 75-day contract with Energy XXI, with operations to begin later this week. The rig had been working for Hilcorp Energy Company in High Island Block 37. Lastly, jackup Hercules 263 completed work for Stone Energy Corporation in South Pelto Block 15 and was released. The rig has no follow-up work scheduled and is now hot stacked in South Timbalier Block 32.


Bids were opened June 27 for Pemex tender 512-11. Petrolia Drilling ASA semi Petrolia, bid through Bravo Land Drilling, LLC, was the low bidder for the 930-day contract. The company’s $143,749,000 total bid (day rate around $150,000) beat out bids from Mexdrill Offshore, which bid Diamond Offshore semi Ocean Yorktown, and Goimar SA de CV, with Crosco Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co., Ltd.’s Zagreb 1 semi. Work will begin September 14 and run through March 2014. On the jackup side, two 300-ft IC units built or upgraded since 1990 were tendered for. Bravo Land Drilling was the low bidder for Part 1, a 1,434-day contract with newbuild hull Super M2 Hull 209. The total bid of $150,710,475 was substantially lower than bids received from Perforadora Mexico and China Oilfield Services, Ltd./Goimar and will work out to a day rate of about $99,975. The contract is scheduled to begin January 28, 2012, and runs through 2015. Part 2 of the jackup tender, a 1,242-day program for a 300-ft IC unit, was voided, as no proposals were submitted. Final ruling on the tender is due July 11. Meanwhile, bids for tender 513-11, a four-jackup requirement consisting of three 300-ft IC units and one 350-ft IC unit, were opened on July 1. For Part 1, a 1,078-day contract starting January 19, 2012, Perforadora Central was the low bidder with jackup Panuco. Part 2 of the tender had no bids submitted and was voided. For Parts 3 and 4, Mexdrill Offshore was low bidder and Diamond Offshore jackup Ocean King was designated to be used for both. Part 3 is an 863-day term starting August 22, 2011, while Part 4 begins August 2, 2011, and runs for 1,248 days through 2014. It is not yet known which rig Diamond might replace in one of the bids should it be confirmed on July 15. Finally, bids were due to be opened today, July 5, for Tender 514-11. The three-jackup tender calls for two 350-ft IC units and one 300-ft IC unit, with all built or upgraded since 1990. Preliminary low bidder results were not available at press time and will be published in the July 12 edition of Gulf of Mexico Activity Report.


Noble Drilling jackup Noble Sam Noble has departed the U.S. gulf for Mexico, where it has a 175-day contract with Pemex starting July 10. The rig was moved to the U.S. gulf from Mexico in late February after it completed a previous contract with Pemex. The new contract will keep the rig busy for the remainder of 2011.


Diamond Offshore jackup Ocean Columbia completed its well in Mobile Bay Block 113 with Shell Offshore, Inc. over the weekend. The rig currently has no follow-up work in place and is under tow to Diamond’s stack location in West Cameron Block 184. Semi Ocean Saratoga has moved to Green Canyon Block 50 for a short-term well with Nexen Petroleum U.S.A., Inc. on a sublet from Taylor Energy Company, LLC. The work will last for around 20 days, which will conclude Taylor’s contract time on the rig. Upon completion of the work, the rig will go into shore for its five-year survey, which will take 45 days.

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