Locations & Operators

What you'll find in every Locations & Operators report:

  • List of all active oil and gas drilling locations in the selected area of coverage
  • Detailed driving directions to the active drilling rigs
  • Legal description (e.g., section, township and range)
  • Drilling contractor and rig number
  • Operator contact information
  • Well name, well number and API numbers
  • Well class (e.g., oil, gas, coalbed methane)
  • Well type (e.g., original drill, workover)
  • Drilling depth (both proposed total depth and current when provided)
  • Rig status (e.g., drilling ahead, rigging up, moving on)
  • Spud date
  • Well orientation (e.g., horizontal, vertical)
  • Number of days drilling
  • Geological field

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All the information in the RigData Locations & Operators report is conveniently organized into two sections for easy reference! Sorted both geographically by state and county and also alphabetically by operating company.



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