Large Area Maps

Our maps are designed for easy cross-referencing with our weekly Locations & Operators reports to give you all of the data behind each ‘dot’.


Maps are available as a one-time purchase or as a subscription to coincide with your regular reports.


Delivered in a PDF file format and print at full scale as 11”x17”.


Consider the benefits of having all the current rig locations plotted on a large area map! Our maps are segmented into county, district and state regions for easy referencing. Each map provides you with pinpoint accurate rig locations plotted using latitude and longitude coordinates.



Order a Custom Map


In addition to rig locations, we offer a variety of map options, including: permit activity, well locations and even historical data. Let us create the map that best meets your needs.


 U.S. map
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Maps as low as $100

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If we don't have what you need, we'll make it for you!

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