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RigData offers its customers access to the drilling industry’s most in-depth and timely research, analysis and commentary via the newsletters and custom research report products produced by RigData's News & Analysis experienced staff.

The RigData News & Analysis package of drilling market intelligence delivers that data through four key benchmarking and analysis publications: The Land Rig Newsletter, The Unconventional Drilling Report, Biweekly Report and Day Rate Report. RigData continues to lead the industry in providing critical metircs and analysis of onshore drilling activity and rig fleet trends that help industry stakeholders - operating company managers, drilling contractors, service/supply firms, financial analysts, investors and consultants - sharpen their strategies. 






Focused on current and long-term trends impacting the land contract drilling sector. 


A must-read for all drilling industry executives, financial analysts and all others whose business depends on having access to time-proven drilling industry insight.


Published since 1978.


Published monthly







RADAR is focused on providing you with a viewpoint on what the data means for operators and drillers. Published every week you’ll get a perspective from the RigData analysts as to how the US land metrics affect you, your competition and the industry investors who follow our industry.


Concise. Easy to read. Comprehensive. Authoritative.


Published weekly







Pulling the pieces together on rig activity, rig utilization metrics and drilling market trends into one concise and easy-to-read publication.


Through a series of tables, charts and commentary, the Biweekly Report forms the most up-to-date market intelligence on the U.S. land rig fleet.


Published biweekly







The most comprehensive report detailing total U.S. and regional contract land rig rates, coupled with editorial commentary on current and future rig rate trends in the U.S. land rig market.


Included are analyses of regional and contractor market share trends. PLUS, a special bonus for subscribers: the Day Rate Flash Report - periodic bulletins during each month to alert subscribers to emerging changes in market factors as they happen!


Published monthly

The Unconventional Drilling Report The Land Rig Newsletter Biweekly Report Day Rate Report