Day Rate Report

What you’ll find in every issue of the Day Rate Report:


  • Rig demand indicators - rig wait lists, bid inquiries,
    and wait on rig times
  • Expectations of near-to-midterm work volumes and rig pricing
  • Market snapshots by region, including day rate drivers
    such as wages, operating costs, etc.
  • Outlooks and analysis of the land rig market
  • Day rates for each rig class in every region
  • Newbuild updates, rig fleet analysis, rig equipment
    premiums, drillers’ regional market shares … And much more!
  • Bonus for subscribers: Day Rate Flash Report - periodic bulletins during each month to alert our subscribers to emerging changes in market factors as they happen: early contract terminations, spot market price shifts, rig crew increases, etc.

RigData's Day Rate Report is now a monthly publication that contains details on rig rates and commentary on trends in the U.S. land rig market.  The report is entirely based on the information gathered from comprehensive quarterly industry surveys and coupled with in-depth analysis by RigData.  Each issue of the Day Rate Report identifies industry day rate trends both by depth range and region.


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