RigData US Land Rig Three-Year Forecast

The RigData US Land Rig Three-Year Forecast is a detailed analysis of land rig demand that takes into consideration several variables, including: macro economic conditions, drilling technology, demand for oil and gas, and CAPEX reporting. Broken down by region, you’ll have actionable details on when and where rig demand recovery is forecasted to occur.

More than just a report. An investment in your future.

 Included in your subscription:

  • PDF Report for immediate reading and a bound hardcopy sent by mail
  • Complete datasets (.xlsx format) with all supporting data
  • Exclusive access to webinars with live Q&A
  • Email updates and commentary sent direct from the analysts
  • The Spring 2017 rig demand forecast update report

 What's Inside:

  • Three year forecast of land rig demand by region and by month
  • Three year historical active rig counts by region and by month
  • Analytic commentary on factors impacting future operator behaviors, macroeconomics, technology, regulations, geopolitics and commodity future prices
  • Includes charts, tables and analysis

*‘Reports are also available in excel format for those subscribers who value the ability to filter, organize and import data into their own systems.  These are offered in more than one format to include various data attributes to supplement RigData report products.  By selecting the Excel delivery format you will be contacted by Customer Service to determine your needs and the various combinations of data we can offer.  These products are available at a price consistent with your usage, sharing and company size.



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